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Make the most of Rann Utsav of Kutch with the Gems of Gujarat

The Rann Utsav 2019 -20 is one of the most happening festivals in the world. The beautiful tent city, the white spread salty land and the moonlight makes a beautiful ambiance to enjoy now and cherish later. The Gujarat Tourism makes all the efforts to make this Rann Utsav the most memorable for everyone present there. Gujarat Tourism calls all the sensational singers of our country to spread magic and melody through their voice.

The beautiful evening of 1st February 2020’s air will be filled with beautifully sung songs by these talented singers. If you are already enjoying the scenic views of Rann Utsav through your eyes, you have the privilege to give a treat to your ears too. If you have still not done the booking yet here’s your chance to get lost in the harmonious and ambient beauty of Kutch.

Check out the program details at the Rann Utsav and the details are as follow:

  • 1st Feb 2020, Aishwarya Majmudar: One of the talented singers of the country and whose passion was to sing since she was 3. Aishwarya Majmudar is one of the versatile singer and inspiration of many of the aspiring singing talents. She will spread the magic of her voice at Rann Utsav and it will be one of the most happening experiences of your trip to Kutch.
  • 2nd Feb 2020, Geeta Rabari: A renowned folk singer and icon for many Rabari women, gave life performance at the serene Rann of Kutch and the entire crowd swayed to her tunes. She is anyways known as Kutchi Koyal as she is blessed with melodious voice. The locals of Kutch have known her when she was a child and today she is the pride of Gujarat as she justifies local folk songs in her voice. 
  • 3rd Feb 2020, Farida Mir: Stay tuned to the musical voice of Farida Mir who is a Gujarati Singer. It is said that music runs in her blood as she belongs to Mir community. She loves singing Gujarati songs, Bhajans or Hindu Hyms. She has sung some of the famous gujarati songs that has hit the grounds during the festival of Navratri
  • 4th Feb 2020, Bhumik Shah: Bhumik Shah is a famous singer and musician and he rose to fame from one of the popular reality show SaReGaMaPa in 2005. He can sing songs in Gujarati, Hindi and English language hence he is the heart throb of all the generations. He is going to perform live for the audience at Rann Utsav and make the sand dunes dance along with his music. Don’t miss it, Book now. 
  • 5th Feb 2020, Kirtidan Gadhavi: One of his most famous songs ‘LADKI’ that he sang along with other artists at the MTV Coke Studio had won the hearts of many then and even today. His songs, dayras, folk songs are famous everywhere and he his voice has the capacity to hold on to the crowd for hours. His live performance at the beautiful Rann of Kutch this month is going to be like and icing on the cake.
  • 6th Feb 2020, Jignesh Kaviraj and Abhita Patel: Jignesh Kaviraj is a vocalist and a live programmer in Gujarat. He has given his voice in many Gujarati Songs and primarily at the Dandiya Raas live performances. It is then his talent was recognised and gradually attained fame through his pleasant voice.
  • Abhita Patel had passion for singing since her childhood and she had participated in ETV gujarati talent show. Since then she has never turned back; her angelic voice made her the singing Diva and in no time she got love from people. These two great Gujarati Singers will rock the land of Kutch and make it the evening most mesmerizing one.
  • 7th Feb 2020, Kinjal Dave: Meet the most versatile young and beautiful singer singers of Gujarat, Kinjal Dave. She had interest in music since she was a child and with the support from her family; she started learning music from a very tender age. She gives live performances almost everywhere and here at Rann Utsav, she will captivate your senses with her golden voice. Don’t miss the change to see her and hear her. 
  • 8th Feb 2020, Dimple Pancholi: Catch the beats and tunes of this wonderful artist, Dimple Pancholi at Rann Utsav of Kutch. Her soulful voice and enthusiastic personality will make you go gaga and make evenings of Kutch truly blissful. The magical voice, vibrancy and the beauty of Kutch all together is the rarest of combos and you can be a part of this amazing event. Get your bookings done now.
  • 9th Feb 2020, Urvashi Radadiya: The awardee of Kathiyawas Ni Koyal, Urvashi Radadiya is a famous folk and classical singer of Gujarat. She performs at many events and she gives live performances in many parts of the country. Watch her fitness at home performing live at Rann Utsav of Kutch and make your evening splendid with her.
  • 12th Feb 2020, Meghdhanush Band: Tap your feet and rock to the beats of fusion rock band at Rann Utsav of Kutch. The young and dynamic vocalists as well as instrumentalists will go live to make your evening jazzy. The best part of having them is that they will win well connect with the youth and the old both. Don’t miss the chance to see them performing live. Stay tuned.

Its time to get your bookings done within these dates because these talented and radiant artists are going to perform live at Rann Utsav of Kutch to make our evenings musical and beautiful. Gujarat Tourisms has made all the efforts to ensure that the Rann Utsav becomes not only a visual treat but a treat to your ears too so that it can be cherished life time.